Have Questions? “Are You Struggling With Online Marketing?  Get the Answers That You’ve Searched For”

Older-Couple-MarketMy personal research that I did while struggling with online marketing has taught me what  is needed to effectively market online.  Sadly … many online marketers are presently struggling and quite frankly don’t know where to look for the answers that they need.

Many who work in the field of Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing or just wanting to set up a Home Based Business Online are failing to make any significant money online.

It is too bad, because with the economic situation as it is … this is the PERFECT time to be online.  As unemployment compensation runs out on thousands of people each week, and they begin searching for a way to make their income online, these people need answers to their questions.

Do You Have Questions? “The Answers That You’ve Searched For” for Possibly Years!

Are you in either of these categories?

  1. You have been struggling to get this “Online Thing” working?
  2. You are just starting out in Online Marketing and do not want to go broke in the process!

MarketingJust like many of you, I too have spent hour after hour searching the internet to find the “SECRET” to making money online.  Spending hours staring at a computer screen, struggling to find out “How to become an effective marketer”.

I was wanting to just get online, buy a product, or become an affiliate, and start making $$$ immediately.  The answers had to be out there, because everything that is posted online has to be the “TRUTH” right?  (Well What Do You Think?)

I mean … that is what the GURU’s were telling me.  If I would just buy this product, it would drive truckloads of cash to my bank account!

But sadly, after multiple product purchases … it became quite apparent to me that there was something wrong.  So I decided it had to be me.

I knew I needed to learn something, so I started buying courses.  Then I started building mini-sites, and started doing everything I could to make just 1 dollar online.  Just 1 dollar would tell me “If I had figured it out” and could duplicate my efforts.

Money RingI could not EVEN make one lousy dollar online … how about you?

I struggled and struggled.  Then I quite … just to come back with the next “Great White Hope” of a product launch that would solve all my problems.

WHEW !!!!!

Does any of this make sense?

Do you recognize any of your own struggles?  

Be honest!

I don’t know about you … but it did not take many more struggles to know that I just needed to “STOP” what I was doing.

With 15 years of military background, there was one thing that I could use to help me.

That one thing is just as important today, as it was when I was still in the military.

I needed to get back to BASICS.

Sick and TiredThere comes a time in life when you just need to understand that “We Just Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”.

Inside of this Blog …

You will find that it is my intention to HELP each person … that truly wants answers to the questions that they have been asking for possibly years.  And yet the answers have always been hidden.

Until Now!

Questions like …

  • Why Can’t I Succeed?
  • What Am I Missing?
  • What Do I Need to Purchase That Will Transform My Failures Into Successes?
  • What Is Wrong With Me?

Be assured that these are NOT the only questions, but they were MY questions. They were the ones I desperately wanted answers to.

Tired and WorriedYou most assuredly have YOUR OWN questions.  Questions you would never share with anyone else, because you spent so much time beating yourself up, telling yourself that if you were ________ , that you could succeed.  If you had only _______ or _______ then things would have been different.

Were you able to fill in the blanks?  I did!

No matter what YOUR QUESTIONS are.  Inside this Blog … the answers will be revealed.


Surprised GirlWhile I would love to say that everything I will Teach You … came from me … but the honest truth is this.

Instead … YOU WILL be learning the “TRUTH”, and that does NOT originate with me.

What I will be SHARING with you … will get YOU where YOU want to go.  It will help you create the REALITY that before was only in your DREAMS.

Of course YOU “MUST” decide to learn and apply the information and begin the process of making the NEEDED changes … that WILL NEED TO BE MADE.

And of course … these changes will not be made overnight.  That was just a part of the LIES the GURU’s were telling you to get butt loads of cash from you.

TimeTo Be Honest … It will take time … and for some of you that time will be short, and for others of you it will be a bit longer.

But no matter what, the efforts will pay off in knowledge gained, confidence in yourself, that “AHA” factor, and YES financially as well.

In order for YOU to become effective marketers (of whatever product you want to sell, or business you want to promote), you must Re-Learn the basics … and begin applying this information first.

Click Here to Find HelpThen … you will have to begin learning each piece of the process that is required to become effective.  We MUST learn these.  It is NOT optional.  If you want to bake a cake, can you just decide to leave out the flour?  Of course not!

Once you have learned enough to effectively market online, generate leads, and through your personal funnel, convert those leads into sales (if that is your intent), then you will begin to learn much more detailed and specialized techniques.

And hopefully … through your learning process … you will teach me something new too!

Let Me Help YouIf you are tired of the struggle.  Make the decision to Work With James Brown.  I don’t really expect you to make that decision right now!  That would be silly and premature.

First I suggest that you CLICK on “Start Here” above and go through the process.  You will emerge from there knowing more.  And if you still need to know even more CLICK on “About Me” and get to know me a bit more.  I won’t bite!

I really do want to help!  But I can only do so much without information about YOU!  I have a FORM that you can fill out that will allow you to tell me a bit about you, your struggles, your successes, and your vision for the future.  GO THERE NOW and allow me to know you.  Let us connect and do our best to make you become the best marketer that you can be.

Contact MeAnd if you have a question that just needs answering then go to “Contact” above and fill in the form.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I just posted a new Blog Post about a HOT New Topic!!!!

Drop Shipping … It is a HIT and is Making Plenty of $$$ for those that get started learning how simple it really is. Check out the Post and watch the VIDEO.

There You GO!

Thanks for visiting.

Be “Blessed” and “Be Profitable”,

James Brown
“Working Ninja-Magic Every Single Day”



  1. Great home page Jim.

    • Thanks Steve … you know as well as I do that it is not easy getting your feelings on paper (errrr pixels).

      I love helping people … and the first step is helping them get to know me and allowing them to answer that question themselves “Can He help me?”

      If they can honestly say “YES” then I have done my job.