About Me

Hi there!  My name is James Brown, and I hope you get a glimpse of who I am and what I am all about.

I am an Internet Marketer.  If you have marketed online for any amount of time, you know how long it takes to get yourself together.  I mean “Really Together”.

You have the funnel that needs to be completely set up and tested.  Advertising has to be thought through to completion. Your follow up messages must be tweaked and tested for completeness of thought and the pull is just enough to make you want to buy, but not so much that you appear to be too spammy.

Also the follow ups in the beginning must allow the prospect to know who YOU are and get to feel as if they know you as a friend BEFORE it ever asks for a purchase.

These things take time to set up.  I have found that if you are trying to do too much at the same time by working on everything at once … then usually nothing ever REALLY gets accomplished.  My friend, you have to decide what is IMPORTANT for YOU today!

When I first started out … I was thinking that I would NEVER use Facebook.  I just could not stand it.

WHY!?! You may ask.

Well I guess I just did not truly understand the power that is in the hands of a Skilled Marketer.  Since then I have undergone a metamorphosis.  I have been converted to the Dark Side.

Utilizing some Magical Ninja-Like Powers, I have been trained to know how to make FB dance to the tune of a different player … (LOL).

When you start looking at Facebook a bit harder … you begin to see the opportunities that are there. Over half the planet visits FB every week, if not daily. To ignore it as a viable medium id ridiculous. And not that you can Re-Target in FB, the sky is the limit.

Originally I was trained in Article Marketing because it just made more sense to me, and I have been training myself on Google Plus too.

So if you were paying attention … then you now understand that in order to become successful as a marketer, you may need to learn more than one type of marketing online.

In order to stand out in the market place you must become adaptable to the multiple avenues of marketing that there is.

Enough about marketing for now …

Thanks for visiting.

Be “Blessed” and “Be Profitable”,

James Brown
“Working Ninja-Magic Every Single Day”