Ann Sieg Leadership Series (part 1)

I’m going to start a series of videos on leadership.

(Today! Read my notes here and watch the video below)

I was inspired to create this series for a number of reasons.

For one, when I surveyed my email list an overwhelmingly amount of my subscribers wanted leadership training from me.

The other simple part of it is that more than anything else people buy into your leadership. This isn’t just for network marketing. This is in every walk of life. Whether you’re a doctor, restaurant owner, pastor, teacher, etc.

As John Maxwell said, “Everything rises or falls on leadership.”

Now the reason for the series is that the study of leadership and personal development is virtually inexhaustible.

There is never a time where you arrive and it’s now a done deal. We are always a work in progress.

With that said, there was a recent instance, just a couple days ago in fact that ultimately triggered or more so inspired me to do this particular video on the topic of becoming aware of our patterns. Because it’s our patterns and habits that ultimately shape us.

So I’m going to share this story with in my video.

I will say as a leader to myself I was disappointed in my reaction for this particular situation. But on the other hand I thought what a great learning lesson to share with others.

So as you watch my video consider for yourself your own habits and patterns. Then develop the ability to think retrospectively and what you could do differently moving forward. How can you change the outcome the next time through?

That’s what really counts more than the “mistakes” you make along the way.

You’ll hear me read this quote three times in my video. It’s the following quote that inspired me to create not only this video but the start of this entire series.

It is always wiser to wait for guidance from within, than to act on impulse from without.
-Theron Dumont

Leadership Quality #1:

Be Aware Of Your Patterns To Avoid The Reactive State – Seek Instead To Develop Self Control, Composure and Calm

Let’s dive in together now to watch my video and then comment if you would. I would like that very much.

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