Ann Sieg’s Leadership Quality #3 – You Must be Put to the Test

What the test is may be immaterial. More so, it’s to recognize and see the wisdom in stepping up to the plate for something that is challenging to you. This helps forge out your character and mental stamina.

No one follows people who hold back and insist on remaining in their safe zone.

Shirking back from challenges can be an established pattern that you need to break free from.

It’s a lot like flexing a muscle group. If you don’t step up to challenges you become atrophied and flabby. I like to consider business to be the sport of non-athletes.

With this in mind, be aware of your opportunities to prove more and more what you’re capable of by putting yourself to the test. However small or large the test just be aware of the need to do this on an ongoing basis.

This is a requirement in leadership.

Use fear as a motivator to drive you into actions you wouldn’t normally do.

This tests your mettle and stamina and this is most definitely needed in business. Without it you can quickly become passe as your competitors who are willing to step up to the plate go flying by you.

In my video I give a couple of examples of when I allowed myself to be put to the test.

You’ll hear me talk about how to create a fire in the belly that fuels your drive and ambition.

Listen for my assignment at the end.

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James Brown is dedicated to help would be marketers get started on the right path to freedom. Sadly though many times they are just following their sponsors training instead of investing the time required to become a "Professional" marketer. It is time for marketers to give the same dedication to working their own business ... as the would working for any old J.O.B.

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