Ann Sieg’s Leadership Quality #4 – Inspire Others Into Action

I believe leadership first develops through the home, but more than that, it begins with yourself. You’ll hear a specific example about my father while growing up as a young child. Of course, the example of my father made a huge impact in my life. He is an inventor and it is his nature to create.

We’re all born to be creators, and it’s those who take action upon that who inspire us to be creative and resourceful.

This demonstrates to others that the world is filled with possibilities and potentiality.

True leaders also act spontaneously on possibilities without worry about all the nitty-gritty details that often hold many people back. Sadly, for many the great work that they could have accomplished frequently never gets out there because of the “if then” type scenarios that play out in their mind.

They hold back instead of letting loose.

A lot of that comes down to a lack of trust in the whole people process. Their view is more that people will harm them or steal their ideas instead of just focusing on the people who need to be served.

It’s a bit counter intuitive. True leaders live in the space of their vision of how the world “ought to work.” When they do this they naturally attract to them people of like mind and vision.

Often it’s these type of leaders who have overcome great odds without you ever realizing it.

They don’t dwell or focus on the past. They’re forward thinking and that’s what makes them so attractive. The vast majority of people want to be lifted out of their current circumstances.

It’s leaders who help them do just that by virtue of acting spontaneously on their inspiration.

This past weekend, I experienced something called “The Slam Dunk Get ‘er Done Challenge” from our Renegade Action Workshop that we hosted in Minnesota.

I knew a lot of people struggle with doing their first video. But by making a bit of a game and contest out of it, I had many of my attendees breakthrough a significant challenge.

So watch the video, it’s all in there.

Go ahead and comment after you’ve watched the video.  Share if and when you’ve seen this type of selfless leadership in place. Secondly, what could you do differently to reach this level of leadership?

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