Ann Sieg’s Leadership Quality #5 – With Each Success Put It In Your Camel Back!


In business be sure to give yourself the kudos and high five after completing a high level task successfully.

Even with your small incremental tasks, give yourself praise and a pat on the back. You deserve it. Bask in that moment.

From there, be sure to quickly store it in your camel back.

You’re learning, or already know that you have to continue climbing the metaphorical mountain. Smart business owners know they can never kick back and relax. They know business is the sport of non-athletes.

Seasoned business owners come to know the seasons in business. As a result, you get acclimated to the peaks and valleys. After awhile, you know not to panic during the valleys but to respond in a more intelligent, experienced way.

So always be sure to throw your successes in the camel back so you can pull them out when times are tough to draw on as emotional reserves. Bank into them. It will serve you well.

I believe most of life revolves around sources of energy. So managing your energy sources is paramount for having a consistent, stable business.

After watching my video share with me a victory moment in your business (in the comments).

Be a champion!

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James Brown is dedicated to help would be marketers get started on the right path to freedom. Sadly though many times they are just following their sponsors training instead of investing the time required to become a "Professional" marketer. It is time for marketers to give the same dedication to working their own business ... as the would working for any old J.O.B.

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