Ann Sieg’s Leadership Quality #8 – Grace Under Pressure – How Not To Lose Your Cool

Business can often feel like being in a pressure cooker.

It can stress out the best of us.

In my video I share with you an incident I just recently experienced within my business.

This was with a promotional webinar with over 2,500 webinar registrants.

Despite being super prepared, and with a massive amount of experience running webinars, we ran into significant technology challenges.

Listen in to the video below. I’ll share some tips on how I handle stressful situations and how my approach can help you too.

Then share with me an incident when you were able to hold your composure while under pressure plus any tips you have for maintaining your cool.

About James Brown

James Brown is dedicated to help would be marketers get started on the right path to freedom. Sadly though many times they are just following their sponsors training instead of investing the time required to become a "Professional" marketer. It is time for marketers to give the same dedication to working their own business ... as the would working for any old J.O.B.

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