Get Noticed – Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What To Create

How To Get Individuals To Care You can’t get people to care about everything you care about. None of the best persuasion can even do that. Yet by being a marketer, it’s absolutely up to you to decide to talk about the topics your audience already enjoys from you. To accomplish this, sometimes you should […]

How to Ask For The Sale

There comes a time when you need a good promotional email, blog post or video — a piece of content that closes with a hard sell. Likewise, one of the critical elements of any killer sales letter is the closing.  If it’s going to be effective, it should do these (3) things; close the sale, […]

6 Ways To Generate Killer Flagship Content For Your Blog

This post is especially for anyone that is not using their blog as a tool to create stand-out, valuable content that gets them noticed, builds positive word of mouth, grows their audience, and builds their list. If you want to know how you can make your blog a vital resource that people actually want to […]

Why Network Marketers Must Blog!

The biggest reason you would want to launch your own blog is to attract targeted visitors so that you in turn can convert to leads, and ultimately into customers and distributors. And if you are selling affiliate products too, you would hope that your prospects or better yet, your customers would see the value in […]

If Your Home Business is Going to Succeed – Learn What to Expect!

“I want to take my home business online, but I don’t know where to start and it looks scary.” This is a common statement.  It is heard all the time from home business entrepreneurs looking to take their business online.  In fact, I expressed the very same concerns before I started.  Everyone has the same […]

The Best Tip I Could Give You – Find a Mentor!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the online marketing space, it’s the importance of leveraging the expertise of a mentor. Maybe you remember how your mother was a super-human that could (or still can) do everything with ease.  Until one day she says “Hey, I only have two hands … give me a break”.  Maybe you […]

So Your NEW to Network Marketing – Now What?

Brand spanking NEW to Network Marketing and you may be wondering what you need to get started!  Well here are just a few very important things you will want to bring to the party.  So let’s just take a peek, shall we? PHYSICAL EQUIPMENT: A phone (preferably a cell phone for “anywhere accessibility”) [Don’t forget […]

What Can I Say – We Live In a New Economy!

Are you stressed out from the economy and are in need of a change?  Do you work in a hostile work environment? Perhaps you see the writing on the wall … and your days are numbered.  Maybe it is time for you to just let your boss go!  That’s right, fire your boss! (Well … […]

There are Five Essentials Needed for Your Home Business to be Successful

Today is your lucky day. You are going to learn that there really is a recipe for marketing your home business online.  It does not matter what kind of business it is either.  It could be a Network Marketing business … or selling diapers to expectant mothers.  You are going to learn the the 5 […]

Marketers – What is Holding You Back?

I just wanted to start off this “OFFICIAL” Work With James Brown Blog with a real quick post. I think it is important for us to get to the root of the problems that I see in the MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing world. That is what this BLOG is going […]