There are Five Essentials Needed for Your Home Business to be Successful

Today is your lucky day. You are going to learn that there really is a recipe for marketing your home business online.  It does not matter what kind of business it is either.  It could be a Network Marketing business … or selling diapers to expectant mothers.  You are going to learn the the 5 […]

Google Plus Training

Google + Your Source of Pure Marketing Bliss! Have you ever wondered if there was a way to market and share content that did not subject you to the “Facebook Slap”? Well there is!!  The question we ALL want an answer too … am I right?? And it has the ability to be indexed on […]

Facebook Marketing 101

When was the last time you decided to market your product of business on Facebook? It can be a bit intimidating … right? Well … don’t let that stop you! Here … we hunt down the latest and the greatest marketers that are RIGHT NOW using Facebook to command huge amounts of leads and therefore […]

Marketers – What is Holding You Back?

I just wanted to start off this “OFFICIAL” Work With James Brown Blog with a real quick post. I think it is important for us to get to the root of the problems that I see in the MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing world. That is what this BLOG is going […]