Looking for Google+ Plus Tutorials? (short and to the point)

Get Noticed – Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What To Create

How To Get Individuals To Care You can’t get people to care about everything you care about. None of the best persuasion can even do that. Yet by being a marketer, it’s absolutely up to you to decide to talk about the topics your audience already enjoys from you. To accomplish this, sometimes you should […]

How to Ask For The Sale

There comes a time when you need a good promotional email, blog post or video — a piece of content that closes with a hard sell. Likewise, one of the critical elements of any killer sales letter is the closing.  If it’s going to be effective, it should do these (3) things; close the sale, […]

Quickly Improve Your Persuasive Writing With This Proven 4 Step Structure

Effective Persuasive Writing Including Content and Copywriting Follows a Proven Structure. Good content structure will contain certain elements time and time again. Whether you’re writing a sales page, long blog post or promotional ebook. Staying grounded in good content structure will determine effectiveness. Today you will learn the structural guidelines involved with the 4 Ps of content and copy creation. […]

Google Plus Training

Google + Your Source of Pure Marketing Bliss! Have you ever wondered if there was a way to market and share content that did not subject you to the “Facebook Slap”? Well there is!!  The question we ALL want an answer too … am I right?? And it has the ability to be indexed on […]

Facebook Marketing 101

When was the last time you decided to market your product of business on Facebook? It can be a bit intimidating … right? Well … don’t let that stop you! Here … we hunt down the latest and the greatest marketers that are RIGHT NOW using Facebook to command huge amounts of leads and therefore […]