Get Noticed – Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What To Create

How To Get Individuals To Care

You can’t get people to care about everything you care about. None of the best persuasion can even do that. Yet by being a marketer, it’s absolutely up to you to decide to talk about the topics your audience already enjoys from you.

To accomplish this, sometimes you should do a bridge.

Allow me to give you one particular bridge.

Most marketers don’t want to hear about excel spreadsheet formulas that really help to track and optimize Pay-per-click ad spending, right? It’s heavy, boring math stuff.

So start with talking about something they may be interested in. Just like The Single Best Fool-Proof Method For Saving Your Ass On Pay-per-click Ad’s.  I then segue into how creating that repulsively boring excel spreadsheet with formulas will assist them to achieve it.

Another example:

I despise the technicality of real estate. It bores me to tears.

Yet I do prefer learning about general “money principles.”

So that’s what might be focused upon before bridging to real estate investing.

Here’s Your Big Conundrum

You ‘must’ have an audience reading it in the first place to have that sort of knowledge regarding your audience. You most definitely do need feedback. And your audience either doesn’t exist or it just isn’t large enough.

That’s why you need to FOCUS LESS ON YOUR BLOG, and check out a bigger blog and see how their audience responds (and later you bring that information back to your blog).

How To Get Started and Get Noticed …
Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What You Should Create

I know, you’re just itching to get this “online thing” up and revving on all 8 cylinders (maybe 4 – with a turbo).

But you barely even know who you are and what you need to create – let alone who it is that you’re hoping to be writing for (i.e. target audience).

Maybe you’ve been creating some content already, but it is to the tune of crickets. (really quiet crickets too.)

Here’s my strong recommendation:

Consider doing some guest posts on larger blogs for each and every one of the topics you like to write about and see how people respond accordingly.

Here’s the deal.

When you write for other, larger blogs, you receive feedback as comments, private messages and through the blog owner itself. That’ll likely bleed into social media too. This technique can show you in which direction to consider your marketing.

How To Get Feedback From the Real Audience (Yours!)

The hard part about just coming to grips with marketing, especially inside a blog is that you simply don’t get much feedback about what people like.

So, it’s recommended that you do a few guest posts for blogs in numerous niches, because they already have big(ger) audiences. This will give you that all important (and life sustaining) feedback. This can be your guiding light. This can be your best way to do market research (part of it, anyway).

You don’t need a big blog yourself to ultimately write for Big ones. As long as your content is useful, most bloggers don’t care if you’re just getting started and finding your niche.

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