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Google + Your Source of Pure Marketing Bliss!

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to market and share content that did not subject you to the “Facebook Slap”?

Well there is!!  The question we ALL want an answer too … am I right??

And it has the ability to be indexed on the search engines, something that Facebook and Twitter have prevented.

As you can tell from the title above we are talking about GOOGLE +.

With Google+ we have the ability to be seen as an authority.

Why is that?

With Google+ you are able to be placed into circles which can be indexed in the search engines.  A person that is new and just was placed in a circle, can be found on the first page of Google if the search typed in was looking for content that is relevant.

In Facebook you can post until your fingers grow numb, you will NEVER be found in ANY search made by a potential customer of your product.

Something else that is very powerful.  In Google+ you can sent messages to just the people of a circle that you created.  Let’s say you sell “Widget X” and you have friends that also sell “Widget X”, of course you do NOT want to market your friend, right.  So instead you have placed other friends of yours that DO NOT belong to “Widget X” in a different circle.  This way only they would be marketed to.

With Facebook and Twitter, your friends don’t get the option of NOT being marketed to.  That is if Facebook would even allow you to market without paying $$.

So as you can see from just the power of circles alone … Google+ is a powerful social medium.

In my follow up posts I will be getting into more details about:

>> Leveraged Exposure
>> Rules of Engagement
>> How to Start-Up Google+
>> Considering a “Launch Day”
>> Building out “Your Profile”
>> Getting Clear on “The Basics”
>> Listening? “What is It?”
>> Sharing “Other Peoples Stuff”
>> Cooking Up & Saving Searches
>> Creating a Content Calendar
>> “Linking”, “Following” … Oh My!
>> Proper Sharing Techniques
>> Self-Promotion “Yes” or “No”
>> Video Testimonials – What?
>> A Day in the Life

Wow … that is a LOT of potential content.

If you want to know more than that, then you would have to go to the source of the information where I learned all about it.  The Daily Marketing Coach … besides having a great talent for teaching about relevant content and Social Media options … they just get it right about how to market … how to correctly create a market funnel … how to do what you need to get done … if you are truly serious about your business.  (Click below and “Get the Training that makes sense”)

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Take the plunge and absorb the hidden knowledge of “Expert” marketers sharing their years of training and in the “Trenches” struggles to learn WHAT WORKS today.

Be “Blessed” and “Be Profitable”,

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