How to Ask For The Sale

There comes a time when you need a good promotional email, blog post or video — a piece of content that closes with a hard sell.

Likewise, one of the critical elements of any killer sales letter is the closing.  If it’s going to be effective, it should do these (3) things; close the sale, seal the deal, and make you money.

Close the sale


If you are anything like me you’re likely not comfortable with this.

Trust me, I know how that feels.  Personally, I have value down pat.  I have more value than you can wag a stick at, but I haven’t always felt comfortable, or even understand, how to simply ask for the sale.

So if your income is just hanging in there, and not increasing at the rate that you would like, then you just have to do something about it.  It is your business after all.  At some point, you just have to cross that line.  This post will help you with that.

I have received FAR MORE “high fives” and “pats on the back” than cold hard cash in my pocket for the content I produce.  (how do you feel about that … sound similar?)

It’s an unsavory distinction that I’m working hard to overcome.  It might be what the doctor ordered for you too.

You see, you can have the perfect opening, hook, bullets, and value builder.  You might be able to get your customer on the “right side” of the order button.  But if you don’t do several critical things at the end of your copy (whether it’s a blog post, email, video or sales letter), your prospect will close the browser window and go back to what they were doing.

Many marketers fail miserably at how to close and make more sales.  If that sounds like you then you’ll want to read closely or else it can end up costing you sales.

How To Ask For The Sale

Your close will begin after you’ve provided the main value benefit which is the reason for the blog post, email or video in the first place.  If this is a sales letter, insert your close just before you discuss the guarantee and/or reveal the price of the product.

Let me even provide you with a sub headline that you can use … it might go something like this:

Now’s The Time To Take Action And Start [Insert The Big Benefit]

This sub headline allows you to get going toward a sale right away.  It’s a command.  The command is “take action.”  Also, not that it’s not so obvious.  It’s not not obvious either.  But my point is that if you say something that is too direct like, “Buy This ______ Now!” you’re going to raise resistance not desire.

We’ll call this an “embedded command.”  The goal of an embedded command is to give a command that slides right under your prospect’s emotional radar.

After the sub headline, the easiest way to get started with your close is to use an “either-or” scenario.

Here is an example of the “either-or” scenario taken from a recent sales letter I ghost wrote:

Now’s The Time To Take Action
And Start to [Big Ass Benefit] and Make It Happen

You have two choices:

Choice #1:

You can continue to feel the stress and overwhelm of ____________: long hours in front of the computer, and for what?  What’s it all for if you’re not seeing any results?!  Let’s face it, while you sift through all your options and all your resources which actually continue to keep pushing you further and further from your goals, you’re falling behind.  You don’t have a step by step ____________ that works for you – plain and simple.

Choice #2:

Or you can purchase ____________ and begin to enjoy the sweet rewards of ____________: influence that equates to more money, more clients and even fame (if you want that).  All of it on your terms.  Because if you take action with ____________ you will see your ____________ gain traction on all of these things.

(NOTE: for client and program anonymity, I needed to include the ____________ blank spaces)

Did You See What We Did There?

We got the prospect to imagine what life would be like if and when they experience the benefits of the product.

Sometimes using scarcity works too.  If I were to use scarcity in my copy, I’d want to repeat it after the “either/or” scenario.

Some folks think scarcity is manipulative.  It certainly can be IF it’s not used with integrity.

But what is great about scarcity is that it gets the customer to feel urgency.  When you say something like, “I am only letting the next 20 courses go out the door and 14 are already taken!”  It gives them a reason to order now instead of next week sometime when they might forget about it.

In other words, it gets them to take action NOW!

That’s a good thing.  What isn’t cool is if you write something like that, but go onto sell another 50.  You must stick with your word.  This is a matter of integrity.  Integrity trumps making more sales any day of the week.

Your Call To Action

Here is a call to action I’ve used before.  You are welcome to use this:

So order today… right now… while it’s hot on your mind!

Tell your prospect flat out loud to order your product!  It’s a simple step, but many marketers leave it out.

Next time you won’t.


Was that hard?

Heck no, it’s a no brainer, right?!

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