If Your Home Business is Going to Succeed – Learn What to Expect!

“I want to take my home business online, but I don’t know where to start and it looks scary.”

This is a common statement.  It is heard all the time from home business entrepreneurs looking to take their business online.  In fact, I expressed the very same concerns before I started.  Everyone has the same feeling when approaching something completely new, which is exactly why you should push ahead.  I’ve found that the best thing to soothe your fears is to educate and prepare yourself with reliable information from trusted sources.

Whenever I’m evaluating new information and opportunities I try to pay attention to how I feel and I always trust my gut.  It’s my internal B.S. meter and it works pretty darn good!  If you will learn to listen to, and trust your gut when you’re evaluating anything, you will not be disappointed.  What you will learn … is that you can build confidence in your own ability to make decisions going forward, as well as developing good business instincts.

Are You Ready to Flip the Switch?

So you’ve decided to promote your business online.  Fantastic!  But before you do it, you should have a clear picture of what’s involved, both in terms of getting up and running … as well as what to expect from yourself as you’re going through the process of becoming an online business entrepreneur.


#1 The right mind set –

As a home business owner, you must shift your mindset from thinking of yourself as merely “working from home” to one of “home business entrepreneur.”  There is a distinct difference between the two that will be reflected in the quality of your work, your business associations, your business reputation and ultimately the degree of success you achieve.  Frame your work attitude in this manner and it will transform who you are as an entrepreneur.

You should always strive for personal growth and improvement.  It should be a routine part of your strategy for success.  Read, listen and study from the teachings and advice of leading authorities in the area of personal development.

#2 The right tools –

You need to have the right tools and technology in place to give yourself the best chance to succeed – phone, computer, website, blog hosting, software programs, SEO tools, and autoresponder, etc.

#3 The right training –

You must stay on top of business information and trends by following best practices as you learn from industry-related books, how-to and training manuals, authority sites, seminars, webinars, live events, live calls, one-on-one coaching, consulting and mentoring, mastermind groups.  There’s no shortage of information out there, but again, trust your gut.

#4 The right system –

You need to learn and implement the strategies from a comprehensive marketing system – one that is “results-based” and is both proven and repeatable.  Whatever system you follow should have a clear strategy designed to build a strong business.  In some aspects you are putting your business in their hands.  Make sure it has a “Great Reputation”.

Your plan should focus on positioning you as an authority (not the product you are selling or in the case of Network Marketing your Primary Company) and on building and maintaining a list of regular subscribers.  It should include the use of an email marketing strategy to automate this process seamlessly, leaving you more time to create and develop business relationships.

#5 The right leadership –

Home entrepreneurship can be very rewarding, but it’s easy to feel isolated too.  Make sure to reach out and find a coach, mentor, experienced colleague or mastermind group to support your efforts.  A mentor can also save you money by steering you clear of pitfalls you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

What to expect from the process:

  • If you’re a complete newbie: expect that you will be learning a ton of information about how to promote your home business online.  This will involve a significant amount of reading, researching, and re-reading to pick up concepts.
  • Invest in a half dozen or so spiral notebooks to record your thoughts and questions, as well as inspiration for your business. Fortunately, much of what you learn will be hands-on, which is a great way to learn for most people.
  • Once you begin to implement your marketing strategy and get into a rhythm, you may feel that you’ve totally discovered a new calling in life.  That’s not to say you won’t have setbacks.  Expect a steady roller coaster ride of ups and downs, that way you won’t be shocked when it happens.  However, developing the mind and skill set of a marketer is a creative and rewarding process.

The “Work With James Brown” Blog was created with the newbie in mind.  I’ve got articles devoted to helping shorten your learning curve and get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Check my Resources Page where you can learn where to find resources to help you get up and running quickly and easily.

You will also find that throughout this Blog that I write about what is important.  Depending upon what “Niche” you choose to work in I am confident that I have an article that will address it.  And if there is a missing piece of information that you NEED right now … then I suggest that you CONTACT ME and I will do my best to find what you need.

I am constantly looking for and training with professionals to hone my skills and/or learn NEW skills so that I can do my job better and help those like YOURSELF to always gave a place to return to for in-depth information about any aspect of internet marketing, including attraction marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing and email marketing.  Here you will learn how you can blend your new skills to maximize multiple sources of income.

Don’t expect to become rich overnight, or that you won’t have to work hard.  (Isn’t it funny that that is exactly what many popular GURU’s tell their customers will happen if they just purchase their training.)  It’s all about work, and constant revision.  As a marketer you’re going to need to stay up on trends, continually improve yourself as a person and entrepreneur, and adapt to changes in the ever-changing internet marketplace.  (Just keeping up with Google alone, is enough to make your head spin!)  All that doesn’t happen by accident, but by effort.  Expect to be bitten by the marketing bug if you haven’t already.  While it can be a lot of work, internet marketing can also be very addicting!  (No drugs were used in the making of this blog post … lol!!!)

What to expect from yourself:

Expect a roller-coaster of emotions: excitement, overwhelm, exhilaration, doubt, hope, confusion, aha!!!, frustration, awe, anger, respect, disappointment, appreciation, exhaustion, pride, validation, and so many more.  Welcome the challenge.  It’s all good!

Expect a transformation in the way you think, behave, interact, communicate, and live as a result of your exposure to home business entrepreneurship and marketing.  You will be challenged to think differently and move out of your comfort zone at times, but that is what will make you grow as a home business entrepreneur.  (Hey they don’t teach this stuff in school … because they want you scared and obedient!!)

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