The Best Tip I Could Give You – Find a Mentor!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the online marketing space, it’s the importance of leveraging the expertise of a mentor.

Maybe you remember how your mother was a super-human that could (or still can) do everything with ease.  Until one day she says “Hey, I only have two hands … give me a break”.  Maybe you heard it a bit different …

But it was an effective way to get us to understand that she could only do so much.  She couldn’t do everything, like we always assumed she could.

As much as we might like to have the efficiency of extra hands to help us juggle daily tasks, we are only human after all.  When it comes to running your home business, you’ve still got major limitations on your time and talents.  This is where a mentor can be so valuable.

  • Mentors can help significantly shorten your learning curve, as well as give you valuable feedback you wouldn’t otherwise get on your own.  We can never get enough of that either.
  • Mentors let you lean on their knowledge, expertise, leadership and proven systems to shadow their success and learn hands on.
  • Mentors help you grow and develop your home-based business faster, and with earnings that rival and even surpass many traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None

As an entrepreneur  it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to be a jack-of-all-trades.  There’s nothing wrong with wearing several hats, we all do, but the danger comes in thinking you can do it all yourself.  (Wow!! Where have I heard that before??)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bounce an idea off of someone else?  That’s tough to do when you’re a home business owner.  What if you could ask a question and get 20 useful, relevant answers back?  Wouldn’t that be valuable to you as a solo home business owner?

The very nature of “home business” means that you’re likely a one-woman or one-man show.  How could you possibly do everything you need to be successful, all on your own?  You’re not a superhero, after all!  (Let me put away my cape!!)

No one person who is successful, does it all themselves.  They must leverage the help of others by way of a mastermind group … it’s kinda like a business co-op!  They’re all around you, yet you may never have heard of them or didn’t think that you could be a part of one.  (Believe me … you can)

Alignment + Leverage = SUCCESS

The good news is, there are many mentors available to you.  The bad news is, there are many mentors available to you … who claim to be the real deal and who are all-too-eager to take your hard earned money.

You’ve probably seen them, and perhaps even had dealings with one or two in the past.

The trick is to find the right mentor who walks the talk.  In my book, that means professional, ethical and proven:


A leader in the field and in the industry, an effective communicator, a responsive business coach as well as role model.


Demonstrates transparency, high level business principles, committed to providing outstanding value, holds a genuine interest in your success, has a huge base to validate authenticity.


Results-based track record with training and materials that demonstrates their mastery, provides actionable steps and systems that are easily duplicated.

It’s all about aligning yourself with the right people who will have your back and who will guide and support you on your journey, not take your money and rush off to their next big launch.  Those types are a dime a dozen.

So, then … look for someone who IS in it for the long haul.  Ask yourself, who has the systems in place?  Who has the track record, the proven results to back up what they’re saying?  Who tells it like it is and lays out exactly what to do?  Who really wants you to succeed?

Find a mentor and you wiPagesll succeed exponentially faster!

BTW … were you expecting me to tell you who to pick?  I could … you know that RIGHT?  But it would not be fair.  You see I am biased. This entire post is talking about the strengths of my mentor.  If after your own Due Diligence … if you find that you cannot pick one yourself … then CONTACT ME above and I will let you know who mine is.  Of course if you decide to WORK WITH ME then you will by default know exactly who I trust, and admire for their strength and knowledge.

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