Why Network Marketers Must Blog!

The biggest reason you would want to launch your own blog is to attract targeted visitors so that you in turn can convert to leads, and ultimately into customers and distributors.

And if you are selling affiliate products too, you would hope that your prospects or better yet, your customers would see the value in them and purchase those too.  Especially if they were tools or courses that benefit them in their career.

That’s an obvious reason.  There’s more to it than that.

Another reason is to create more relationships, and build out a larger warm market.

But also consider this–

From the reader’s standpoint, the purpose of your blog (for the reader) is to be educated and/or entertained and/or informed about your topic because they have an interest.  If you engage your visitors with unique, quality content then you’re going to be far more likely to get your readers to take some sort of action.

Avoid blatantly posting advertisements without delivering any value.  Doing so will repel people, not attract them.

There are five major reasons why you, as a network marketing professional, must integrate blogging into your online AND offline marketing strategy.

Here they are:

REASON 1.  Blogs are easy to setup and are simple to maintain.  There is no easier way to get your message out there, and create an online presence.  Once you start producing content, you’re well on your way to branding yourself as a credible solutions provider. Your blog is a business asset.

That is IF you can create content.  Not sure about the creating content part, read this post for more help with creating content readers will love.

REASON 2.  You can get free traffic to your blog from the Google search engine, and other search engines too.  This doesn’t necessarily happen over night.  But people will be able to find you better when they search your name.  And they WILL search your name.  Not only that, but if you’re on the social networking sites like Facebook, people can follow you back to your blog.  (Don’t forget about Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and a vast number of other social networks)

Blogging is really the easiest way to quickly generate leads and traffic without having to spend any money if you don’t want to.

REASON 3.  You can use your blog as a powerful hub that can be used synergistically with your social networking profiles at sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  The way WordPress blogs are structured, especially if you’re using a premium blog theme, the Google spiders will crawl and index your content fast.  In other words, Google loves WordPress blogs.  (though it may still take up to 90 days to get some authority status – which is needed to get listed on Page 1 of the search engines)

In a nutshell, this just means that you get way more mileage out of your marketing efforts if you’re using a blog.

REASON 4.  Blogs will give you more credibility, and help you build trust.  Blogs are looked upon as more attractive than a long sales letter with lots yellow highlighter and advertisements.  This means that your visitors will be less likely to have their guards up waiting for you to pounce on them.  That is IF you position yourself as a solutions provider not a blogging billboard.  (Take note: Your prospect / reader must derive real value from your content … if it is nothing but a pitch fest they will be outta there in a CLICK!)

REASON 5.  A blog is interactive.  This means you can create relationships in the comments section.  A blog is a dynamic platform to publish your content so you can continually keep it fresh.  You should.  This all adds a social dynamic to your marketing, which allows you to build your own community.  (many well known bloggers just started by sharing what he or she knew to an interested crowd … so what do you know that would interest your crowd?)

The idea is to give your blog readers a taste of the value you have to offer.  At the same time, don’t hold anything back.  Your blog posts should be so good that your readers would like more.  This is when you insert your link inviting that they opt in with their name and email for more information.  At that point, you’re building your list.

One last thing. Let your personality shine through.  The most popular blogs out there have a lot of personality shining through.

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