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Hey guys and gals … thanks for dropping by.  So You’re Looking to Work With Someone?

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Through experience I have learned that each person has his or her own way to learn. Some learn best by reading on a subject and then applying the information in a real world situation.

There are others that learn from watching videos and then applying the knowledge.  Still others must be shown step by step with detailed instructions, charts, e-book instructions, video, phone calls or Skype messaging.

We all learn at our own pace.  My wife, Angelina learns differently than I do.  I understand that and I will take into account each person that allows me to train them in what I think is the best profession today.  Soon enough, we may even find that it will become the go to business of the future.  Especially as we see more and more companies close or downsize, laying off hundreds … and sometimes thousands of workers with many of them without many skill sets.

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We are going to have the time our lives.  When you begin learning a new skill set it may seem intimidating, but it should be taken as an adventure.  You have a goal in mind, and there are a few things that you need to learn  to do to be successful and reach that goal.

You will be asked to write down your goals.

  • Short Term goals.
  • Medium Term goals.
  • Long Term goals.

These goals will help me design a training program, and a list of recommendations, that would best serve you, as you move from one goal to the next.

This is a business we are in … and BTW … if for a moment you did not think of yourself as a business woman or business man then think again. You are!!!  While you are learning how to make a significant amount of money from the comfort of home, whether it just pays a bill, supplements unemployment, or completely replaces an income … never forget that this is a BUSINESS.

Since we ALL want to get paid … then we all must show up with our thinking caps on and a pad of paper and a pen ready to learn.  So long as you are willing to put in the work … I am willing to help you succeed.  I will share with you the knowledge that I have spent YEARS tracking down.  This is the knowledge I needed to finally get to the point of understanding how to market online, bring in leads, and how to effectively convert those leads into sales.  You must take a similar path.

++++++ HOT TOPIC — Drop Shipper Training — HOT TOPIC ++++++++

Never forget that you must also learn a few different ways to advertise … whether it is using FREE advertising methods or PAID advertising methods.

These methods are always changing.  This is both frustrating and exciting at the same time.  So … YES … it will take time to digest this knowledge.  I suggest that you “Take the Time”.

All in all it does not mean that learning everything you must know will take years to learn … though it can if that is what you want.

I will be determined to take you through the best path that will take advantage of the skill sets you currently have, building on those first and then teaching you what else you will need to become successful.

Like I said at the onset … this is a business … if you treat it as such you will do just fine.  If you treat it as a hobby … then that is all it will ever be.  I don’t train hobbyist.  I train professional marketers.  The moment you set your mind on a path towards becoming a professional marketer, you qualify to work with me.

When you are ready … just go to CONTACT above and using the drop down … select “I would like to work with you”

I understand that not EVERYBODY wants to work in Network or Internet Marketing. I get it. It can be intimidating. That is why I am very happy that I am able to bring to you a New Program that eliminates everything that everyone hates about working online.

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Thanks for Visiting.

Be “Blessed” and “Be Profitable”,

James Brown
“Working Ninja-Magic Every Single Day”